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Marlene Den Bleyker

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VMware aims to hike its open-source contributions to drive faster innovation | #GuestOfTheWeek

Hoping to speed development of the next wave of enterprise innovation, VMware Inc. plans to get even more active in the open-source community in 2017. The Dell EMC company already participates in a range of open-source projects, which increasingly are driving the leading edge of enterprise software and services. Leading the charge is Dirk Hohndel, who recently […]

Not a solo act: The real steps to empowering women in tech | #WomenInTech

There has been a mission across science and technology educators and employers to get more women to study and pursue careers in technology. The fact is that only 26 percent of the female workforce has a career in a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics-related job, as opposed to 74 percent of males. Women represent 47 […]

Teaching innovation as a skill: Walking the path to digital transformation | #GuestOfTheWeek

Employees of Amazon Web Services Inc. follow the 14 principles of leadership, which CEO Andy Jassy believes is what drives the company’s strength and innovation. Principal five is “Learn and Be Curious,” and the company thinking behind the concept is that leaders are continually learning and always push themselves to be better. AWS likes curiosity […]

Reimagining the workplace: Watson’s smart enough to simplify software integration | #WomenInTech

In opening its Watson platform to partners and the developer community, IBM Corp. is releasing the blue genie out of the bottle, sharing the power of cognitive technology to enable new combined Software as a Service solutions toward increasing productivity in the enterprise. Strengthening ties with other tech leaders, including Cisco Systems Inc. and DocuSign Inc., Watson’s smarts are […]

A front row seat to innovation at AWS: How Andy Jassy re-invents disruption | #GuestOfTheWeek

Amazon Web Services, the largest cloud infrastructure provider, dwarfs its competitors and is disrupting the technology industry and the world. During the recent AWS re:Invent event in Las Vegas, which hosted 32,000 attendees, AWS celebrated its tenth birthday, made 27 product announcements, and brought an eighteen-wheeler on stage. Leading AWS, which serves more than 5 million customers […]

One woman’s journey to expand AWS kingdom into the public sector | #WomenInTech

When it comes to the digital transformation, the public sector is not lagging in effort. Innovation and investment in the cloud are strategic initiatives for this market, including government agencies at all levels, non-profit organizations, regulatory associations and education. Amazon Web Services alone serves 2,300 government, 7,000 education and 22,000 nonprofit organizations worldwide. Boasting clients […]

From Groundhog Day to the post-infrastructure era: how Accenture helps validate AWS | #GuestOfTheWeek

Surpassing 30,000 attendees, this year’s re:Invent conference is indicative of the enterprise mandate to move to the cloud and the promise of Amazon Web Services role with the digital transformation. Organizations are slowly beginning to move some workloads off-premises and into the cloud, yet migration remains a complex task for those interested in AWS products. Revered […]

AWS culture through the eyes of a partner | #reInvent

Amazon Web Services’ explosive growth over the past 10 years is nothing but remarkable. What is the secret sauce for AWS? Taking an inside look through the eyes of one partner reveals that the company is data driven and extremely black and white when it comes to the decision-making process. This year’s AWS re:Invent boasted […]

Is AWS armed and ready to take on the big enterprise players? | #reInvent

Amazon Web Services served notice at its AWS re:Invent 2016 event in Las Vegas that with 32,000 attendees and a literal truckload of announcements, it was squarely aiming to take its cloud computing to large corporate enterprises. The rapid and expansive growth, the innovation and the culture have AWS re:Invent poised to compete with leaders […]

HPE targets Europe for digital transformation services expansion | #WomenInTech

During the HPE Discover EU event this week in London, a struggling Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. announced spin-mergers, which had the company selling its non-core software business along with its OpenStack and Cloud Foundry assets. The company is now betting heavily on its digital transformation consulting business and partnerships to make up for its losses. HPE […]