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R. Danes is a staff writer for theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media's premier channel for live event coverage in enterprise IT.
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Will data-driven ‘communication cloud’ create an influence economy in media and PR? | #theCUBE

Some say that having access to data is like shining a light on the dark corners of a business: The cockroaches scurry and the flowers bloom. In other words, data lets the C-suite know which investments are working and which are not. In the marketing and public relations realms, data has given companies the ability to […]

Next-gen CRM: Changing the customer relations game in the Digital Age | #theCUBE

What happens to companies’ marketing efforts in the age of internet reviews and social sharing? Consumers are turning to the wisdom of crowds online for the straight dope before making a purchase. A fancy and expensive advertising blitz could bring disappointing returns if the internet’s response is more jeers than cheers. Companies and salespeople will […]

Stop starving IT: misallocation of data resources could hurt business | #theCUBE

Companies gearing up to make a big data play need to be careful they don’t simply spray bullets in every direction and hit everything but their target. According to some, many companies are seriously misallocating resources in their efforts to profit from data. The imbalance lies in the data pipeline worker bees versus decision makers […]

Can marrying data and ops make the difference between crawling and running to profits? | #theCUBE

Why are companies trying to get the lead in digital innovation? Is it because the software tools that facilitate it are so neat? Or because the tech media makes the subject sound so fascinating? No, the answer is simply because customers are demanding a streamlined digital experience, and if businesses don’t deliver it, they will […]

Drowning in data lakes? Rocana Ops 2.0’s data ‘nervous system’ answers the call | #theCUBE

Businesses need to balance the equation of exploding data stores and relatively stable numbers of IT staffers. They are finding they can’t keep the pace with operations in the Digital Age by endlessly punting tasks around to many different siloed departments. Most of the options that come to mind seem impractical or cost ineffective. IT ops […]

VP says she climbed the tech ladder to Amazon by learning ‘innovation as a skill’ | #theCUBE

Creative innovation is a coveted trait in many industries — particularly technology. Yet it is arguably not well understood, and its processes are not plainly explained. Seeing how valuable innovation is not only to tech companies, but to individuals and whole societies, Mai-Lan Tomsen Bukovec said that it ought to be taught as a skill. Tomsen Bukovec, […]

Can cloud-native data protection solve enterprise security’s ‘M&M problem?’ | #theCUBE

No matter how many benefits the cloud has going for it, there is always that on-prem hold-out who will say, “Yeah, but what about security?” And many will concede the cloud is weaker in that area than traditional data centers — but is it? Or is the old faithful on-prem firewall a paper tiger that […]

Why culture and teamwork are as important as tech in this company’s cloud strategy | #theCUBE

With the dizzying array of technology products available to enterprises today, managers and CTOs may wonder where to start. Do they really need five clouds, a plethora of Software as a Service applications and an integration platform to do business in the Digital Age? We spoke to one engineer about how to get the most […]

Is multi-cloud security at mass scale the sum of tiny tasks done constantly? | #theCUBE

Sprawled out, multi-cloud environments have tons of endpoints that leave data vulnerable to security threats. Perhaps one day a vendor will bring to market a set-it-and-forget-it blanket security product; today is not that day. For now companies will need to be diligent watchmen over all these endpoints — but at least there are some solutions […]

Tech ‘her-archy’: What the satisfaction gap says about the achievement gap | #theCUBE

While opinions differ on the subject of achievement gaps between genders in technology careers, new research looks at women’s job satisfaction at different levels within the industry to uncover where the struggles lay and what may be key to overcoming them. The good news is most women in tech report overall satisfaction with their jobs, explained Julie Parker. […]