Tim Hawkins

Tim Hawkins

With 29 years in the engineering world, Tim Hawkins is currently a liveblogger for SiliconANGLE.com. Tim spent 12 years in the defense industry, with tenures at the US Army Corps of Engineers and Northrop Grumman, before shifting focus to the manufacturing sector. Tim served as a product engineer for Abbott Labs, manufacturing engineer for ANS Medical, and as a test engineer for Flextronics, helping those companies to manufacture better products in a more productive and safe way.

Tim enjoys hardcore gaming, excessive reading, getting lost on the dark corners of the Internet and being a general introvert.

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Monique Morrow has had a diverse career. She has undergraduate degrees in French and geography, but her parents encouraged her to embrace technology, so she later got a master’s degree in IT and telecommunications management. Morrow and her team are working on the idea of building a “humanized internet,” which will tackle one of the […]

The Collaborative Cancer Cloud: Intel and OHSU team up for cancer research | #theCUBE

In the fight to cure cancer, increased diversity between the clinicians and academic researchers and engineers and computer scientists is the key to finding the breakthrough that cancer researchers have sought for many years, according to Mary Stenzel-Poore, senior associate dean for research at Oregon Health and Sciences University. Stenzel-Poore recently discussed the collaboration in cancer research between […]

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In the 10 years Bitnami has been in business, it has grown to 75 people from just a small startup company. One of its goals is to simplify the use of cloud platform software to not just bring new developers into the fold, but to streamline and reduce the complexity enough to help developers who […]

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Several years ago when cloud technology was still in its infancy, Jocelyn DeGance Graham attended several cloud conferences and observed that she was the only female in the room. Since that time, she has worked tirelessly trying to bring more women into the cloud industry. DeGance Graham, founder of CloudNOW, a non-profit consortium of leading women in […]

Walmart uses multi-cloud platform to expand beyond e-commerce | #theCUBE

Walmart has had an e-commerce sector of its business for many years. And while this sector has been cloud-based for a while now, the company is just now beginning to expand other areas of its business to the cloud, in particular the retail side and infrastructure to cloud-based technology. This necessitates a move to a multi-cloud platform, because the […]

How one company embraced multi-cloud and created a platform around it | #theCUBE

Around six years ago, Madhura Maskasky began to feel as though her IT career had become stagnant. In search of something more challenging, she began looking around for opportunities that would allow her to best capitalize on the considerable knowledge base afforded to her by her time with VMware Inc. Maskasky ended up cofounding Platform9 Systems Inc. During the CloudNOW 5th Annual […]

Too big to fail: How a popular online community monetized its platform | #Amplify

Indian Moms Connect is an online community created by expatriate Indian mothers who wish to connect with one another by sharing personal stories that resonate with the group, as well as seek and share advice regarding traditional Indian culture and child rearing. Initially completely free, the popularity of the site has grown so much in […]

Helping software help us: How one startup is making the most of APIs | #Amplify

After their experience surrounding the loss of their child three years ago, Laura Malcolm and her husband became aware that outside of simply sending money, coordinating help for people going through an unexpected time of need can be quite hard, especially when the parties are physically far apart. Some services are available, such as hiring house […]

How one security company handles cross-platform identity managment | #KubeCon

Kubernetes is one of the industry leaders in containerized application management, but working with authentication on these systems can prove challenging. Tremolo Security Inc. adds another software layer to Kubernetes in order to better handle identity management, especially on cross-platform systems. Marc Boorshtein, CTO of Tremolo Security, Inc. and In Tune Identity LLC, spoke to John Furrier (@furrier), co-host […]

How cloud-native architecture affects traditional on-prem infrastructure | #KubeCon

As traditional, on-premise network infrastructure transitions to the cloud-native model, some are asking what role remains for legacy storage platforms and how will these platforms interface with cloud-based Platform as a Service architecture? Stephen Watt, chief architect of Emerging Technologies at Red Hat Inc., spoke to John Furrier (@furrier), co-host of theCUBE*, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, during […]